Let’s not be the generation that could have saved the planet


Make a difference

Act with the goal of making an environmental difference in your community.

  • Commit to environmental gestures

    One Good Action proposes several simple daily gestures in order to contribute to the environmental well-being of your community.

  • Earn points

    For each gesture you do, you earn points according to the degree of complexity and the importance for your community.

  • Win prizes

    At the end of each month, a prize will be awarded to the user who accumulated the most points.

Prize to win

The prize will be announced shortly.

Think worldwide

Act locallly

Our mission
Customized a mobile application for each community in order to encourage, educate and motivate citizens to create a better environment.

Our vision
Being an agent for environmental change, one step at a time. If each of us contributes and acts now, we can save the planet. Every gesture counts.

  • Promote local purchase
  • Use reusable bags
  • Plant a tree
  • Print on both sides

Start now

One Good Action is a free mobileĀ application. Make a difference.